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I’ve owned 2 without a problem, guess that makes it 100% reliability: rolleyes:
Add my PT99 that had a huge problem and that brings reliability down to 66%. Yes, I actually owned it, fired it (factory Fiocchi 9mm), experienced a catastrophic failure with it, waited 6 months while a smith tried to get decent parts to fix it, and then dumped it.

One more thing, before someone bring up the "Lifetime Guaranty", I've got a few words to say about that.

1. Lifetime guaranties won't help you when you need your gun for self defense.

2. Lifetime guaranties should be renamed "Repair Avoidance Policies" because they are drafted by lawyers who want to give their company (like Taurus) complete discretion on whether or not they will repair a gun that experiences a problem. If the company doesn't like you, your problem, or your gun, they will just tell you to go pound sand.

3. Lifetime guaranties don't ensure that your replacement parts will be as good as the ones that came with the gun, or that they will even fit - my replacement part(s) was pure crap.

4. Some of y'all like Ruger. Ruger claims to guaranty their guns for life. That is until they simply decide to stop supporting the guns they made (ref. AC556) then you are SOL.

5. If Taurus went out of business tomorrow, which gun would you buy today: PT-92 or a Star Firestar 9mm? I have a Star Megastar - Star hasn't been around for over 20 years. My Megastar, and all other Firestars and Megastars that I've heard of don't need company support or lifetime guaranties, because they were made like tanks to begin with.

If you want to purchase a "Lifetime Guaranty", then go to Legal Zoom (form legal documents) and see if they have one that you like - probably will cost you less than $20. If you want to buy a gun that won't fail, then ignore the ten-cent guaranty that it comes with and BUY A GOOD QUALITY GUN!

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