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In Fast & Furious however, the appointees who planned the operation took a known failed tactic from a failed operation and repeated it - defying all logic and common sense.
Not just took a known failed tactic and repeated it; but took a known failed tactic, which they thought up in the first place, then removed every single safeguard in that tactic, and THEN repeated it. And if you believe Assistant AG Lanny Breuer's testimony, they did this within a month of him warning them about the previous failed tactic.

This is why I am puzzled when sympathizers of Fast & Furious keep bringing up Wide Receiver. Surely they have to realize that continually bringing up Wide Receiver is eventually going to lead to a comparison between the program and Fast and Furious is going to look even worse when that happens? I don't think that is a comparison you want the average American to even think about making if you are trying to defend Fast and Furious.

From a spin control standpoint it just seems like amateur hour at the White House. When even the New York Times is going "If it is so straightforward, then just give them the documents already and put this to rest", you've got a publicity problem.
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