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It reminds me of Apple. If you take a survey asking if people love their iPhone/iPod, you'll get nothing but five star glowing reviews, and people saying "DON'T BUY CHEAP IMITATIONS, GET WHAT YOU KNOW YOU WANT!" and such. But in reality, the things are no better at doing what they do than the competition. Personally, every iPod I've ever owned had issues, and all broke after a couple years (not due to abuse, I babied the things), and absolutely everyone I know that ever owned one had the same experience. Yet most people (not me) love them anyway and the hype produces glowing reviews no matter what, and people bash the competition basically because 'they aren't Apple.' Some see a product's popularity (and how much it costs) as an indication of how 'good' it is. I don't. I see some of that same behavior in the pro-S&W-anti-Taurus posters too.
I will echo what you posted here.

Having owned both Apple products and Taurus semiauto's, i'll put in my 2cents worth. I try to be unbiased with products that I've owned. So with that i've owned Smith and Wessons, Springfields, Keltecs, Taurus, etc.

The 2 Taurus pistols i've owned were more newer models (PT709 and 740). Both were good quality IMO and performed flawlessly without problems during the time I carried them. Better quality than Keltecs, and about close to Ruger or S&W for much less $$.

The Apple products I owned - an Iphone 3G and an Ipod 30Gig video - both were excellent products. But both also froze up on me a few times.

Granted we're comparing apples to oranges here, but that is my experience.
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