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1 in 5,000 would be too many ....if I was shooting my reloads in competition.../ you don't need that kind of stuff creeping into your mental game.

I'd have to check the current rules carefully ...but if a shell misfires, its considered "defective ammo" - providing there is a noticeable firing pin dent in the primer....but you're only allowed 2 defective shells out of the first box ( or 25 targets ) ....after 2 defective rounds...the shooter is allowed to replace the box of ammo with a new box of factory ammo ( and you get 2 more defective shells ) ...but if the shooter elects not to replace the ammo after the first 2 defective shells ...then any misfires after that are lost targets.

I'm not sure how the current rule reads in registered 5 Stand or sporting Clays shoots...

gun malfunctions - get a little more complicated...( but the rules cover gun malfunctions --- as well as ammo malfunctions ).
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