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The semi-auto French MAS 49/56 is the child of the sa MAS 44 and the bolt MAS 39. It was and remains an extremely accurate and reliable shooter to this day. I've added it to my growing collection of military SLR (self loading rifles) from the 1940s to the early 1960s. It is also a C&R piece.

It was a very common conversion and shoots the .308 Win ammo. My problem was trying to understand the different nomenclature and calibers. I now clearly understand the difference as pointed out by all of you in these posts. Don't worry, I won't shoot it until it's totaly checked out by a pro but it is in very excellent shape. These rifles are becoming very hard to find and I'm glad I got this one.

I know it is setup to shoot .308 Win and that't the ammo I've got for it.

I very much appreciate the concerns. Rest assured that I'm very cautious and always triple check everything before the bolt goes home.


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