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It's Time to Reconsider the Zombie Discussion Ban

OK, I'm serious here, not joking. It seems that nearly everyday for the last few weeks, one can read national news about yet another drug-fueled zombie attack. And by zombie, I mean a person who eats another being either alive or just after killing him/her/it. Today's news is as horrific as the others, but this attack was on a poor trusting family dog that was strangled, beaten, thus killed and then eaten by its attacker.

The common thread among all these are synthetic drugs such as K2 or Bath Salts. These attacks are unexpected, outrageous in their brutality and leave the defenseless at the total mercy of the attacker.

I for one consider it appropriate to carry with this going on all over the US (and elsewhere). But if this doesn't fit the description of zombies, I'm not sure what would.

So in this context only (and only this context), I urge moderators to reconsider their ban on zombie threads.

Waiting to be closed down, or for a proper and polite discussion of this subject only...

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