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Originally Posted by drew332

Under stress do you expect all of your rounds to impact on your intended target? Odds are that they won't, even if you've lit him up with light. And where are those missed rounds going? If you're in your home, will they travel through a wall and strike a loved one? If you're in public, will they hit an innocent?

Better know some basic medical aid and how to stop bleeding, maintain an airway, etc. It may save a loved one's life, or if you hit an innocent in public, it may save you the stress of having to live with killing an innocent accidentally and any potential accompanying lawsuit, which is sure to follow.
Good points. There's more, though: when you are defending yourself or your family from a deadly threat, you might not escape unscathed. Your first hint that something is wrong might be that a family member gets badly hurt by the attacker. You turned around and dealt with the attacker, but your loved one is down and bleeding.

Do you know what to do about that?

It's not all about your bullets, after all. You're using deadly force because someone else used that same level of force -- deadly, crippling force! -- against you or someone you love.

A lot of concealed carry people have never thought about that before, or always assumed they'd (of course!) always be ahead of the curve with no innocents injured or killed before they got involved. That's a serious failure of mindset, right there.

Here's a quote from a man who saved many lives on a terrible day several years back. You can hear about the event in his own words on the ProArms Podcast with Mas Ayoob here:

Andy Brown said: "The hardest thing [to cope with has been] that with all that mental preparation I had done, all the mental preparations of what could happen and how would I react, I'd always been the victor and shot the bad guy and he's down and nobody else is hurt. I never prepared myself for people losing their lives."

Go listen to that whole podcast. It's well worth the time it will take, and may open your eyes to some important preparation factors.

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