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Originally Posted by Willie Lowman View Post
Unless you are one of the "shoot 'em in the dark without identifying them first" group, then there is ZERO chance you will need to know first aid for gunshot wounds on loved ones.
This level of ignorance is outright dangerous!

Under stress do you expect all of your rounds to impact on your intended target? Odds are that they won't, even if you've lit him up with light. And where are those missed rounds going? If you're in your home, will they travel through a wall and strike a loved one? If you're in public, will they hit an innocent?

Better know some basic medical aid and how to stop bleeding, maintain an airway, etc. It may save a loved one's life, or if you hit an innocent in public, it may save you the stress of having to live with killing an innocent accidentally and any potential accompanying lawsuit, which is sure to follow.
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