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and I am lazy .....but when I had 5 or 6 different 12 ga loads....( some in 9's, some in 8's, some in 7 1/2's....and some at 1200 fps, some at 1225 fps, some at 1300 fps ...and some at 1 oz and some at 1 1/8 oz....

invaribly / while they were marked in boxes or quart bags....sometimes they got in my vest ..and then were mixed up when I dumped the pockets out of my vest. So I went to marking the base with sharpies....really hot ones were purple, semi-hot ones were red, some were yellow, some blue, some greeen .....( then I got the codes screwed up ).../ or I shot in some downpours or in snowstorms...and some of the marks came was just a hassle ....especially once I reloaded them / I had to wipe off the old marks ...and remark all the bases again with a sharpie...

so now, in reloads are all 1 oz at 1225 fps ....and if, on a sporting course, I think I need a box or two of 9's --- or a box of Nitro 7 1/2's ( to clear my sinuses ) ....then I have some of each in new factory ammo ....and just recycle the hulls. Then if one of the kids - or myself - dumps them back into a general box at the vehicle least I can sort them out / because I can identify the new shells - and they're all marked / and I can separate them all out.

and 99.9% of the time, if I can't break it with 1 oz of 8's ....I probably can't break it with another shell either...
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