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I ALWAYS bed even the aluminum bedding blocks with Brownells steel bed after roughing up the recoil lug srea, Aluminum blocks are not always perfect.
Harry B.
A cylinder [receiver] forced into V blocks, gets that force multiplied.
Remember calculating vectors in statics in freshman engineering?

If there is bedding interfering, some of the force multiplication may be lost.

If all of it is lost, and the cylinder is forced into a mating concave cylindrical bedding, we have one of the worst connections possible, with side to side rocking getting leverage to pull against the action screws.

We can only get so much axial tension on the action screws, and we want all the stiffness we can get out it.

I test the quality of the bedding job by grasping the stock wrist with one hand, smacking the barrel with the heel of the other hand and listing for vibration. Any buzz means there is interference. A long sustained pure tone means I have achieved my goal, an action to stock fastening that is so low compliance that the stock mass will be in a consistent recoil reaction before bullet escapement.

I often think that the goals of bedding get lost after people are distracted by the ritual of the process and the appearance when complete.
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