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Reviews on Benelli Supernova Tactical?

I'm moving to Alaska and I'm on the market for a shotgun for home defense/bear medicine. I've read all the data on the shells - for bear medicine the going-in-gameplan (after avoiding Smoky) is some of the big slugs offered that the Alaska Fish and Wildlife guys carry.

I've looked into some models, and I like the feel of the Supernova Tactical. I know some folks swear by the pump-action, but I've used the Remington 870 and my dad's Remington auto-loader. Between those models, I've found I can put rounds on target faster and maintain accuracy with the autoloader vice the pump-action.

Does anyone have info on the Supernova? Looking for reliability and ease of use. Also, for home defense, how does that work out and what loads do you carry? Thanks!
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