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.40 Pitbull

Count me in for wanting a Charter Arms forum. I just bought my second one today. It's a .40 S&W Pitbull.
I just got one, too. Same reason, thinking of a gun for the wife (not that I wouldn't want it....)

I found the thing very picky about ammo. I reload, and I have a .40 Sub 2000. The load I developed for the Sub 2000 (135 gr. Nosler over a max load of Unique) wouldn't shoot worth beans in the Pitbull. Shot way low, and patterned like bad buckshot.

Finally found it likes heavy bullets. A light powder load with a Berry's 180gr. HP bullet shoot beautifully, and right to point of aim. Could shoot it all day long.\

ETA: I would definitely use a Charter Arms forum.
I am Pro-Rights (on gun issues).
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