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Not wanting to talk the book down because there are some fun facts and stories... And you just purchased the book and you are looking forward to reading it..

But I do not think the author is a very pro gun/military person dare I say and just some times I felt there were some back hand comments made in that direction..

Then the evil side of me comes out and then I kinda wonder how well researched some of the material is when they have a Bias.. And who knows when I read the book, maybe I was in a foul mood and put to much into things.

Now so as not to be just a complainer but to put something back..

2 real good books I have come across is

The Gatling Gun by Wahle & Toppel.. A great read, Also short and nice chapters perfect bathroom book, Lots of reprints of original letters and they throws some light on some of the Gatling gun Myths Like the camel gun in action on camels (Which I pray each night is true ... oh please let it be true)


The Gatling Notebook by Huges.. At first this book put me back a bit because there is no real story in the book just detail facts about prices, Production numbers, Years of gun model introduction. Changes in models. Which at 1st is a tad dry but it has become a favored book because it assists you to track the changes in the Gatling and what was available in each year..

I think both books are out of print but they turn up on e-bay a lot and do not pay a lot for the 1st. some people will try to get a high price but a few get listed at cheaper prices..

By the way from what I have ever been able to find out the electric Gatling was just a wistful gleam in the in the 1890s of "Scientific American" and it will take the 1950s to come true...

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