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Aloha everyone

Okay I don't have much time here right now in the PX but I managed to hop on a comp (a SLOW comp at that) here on Fort Benning. I finished my 8 weeks of Basic, and now I go into the specialized training phase.

Suffice to say that I think I should maybe have gone to the Marine Corps (LOL) ... I have volumes to speak of the disappointment I have felt with the training, the general lack of quality recruits (Fire and Movement with some of them is REALLY just a bad bad experience) ... and as far as I am concerned all I have to do is suck it up, stay with the good eggs, and drive on.

In spite of the scams, in spite of the penny-pinching, in spite of the total BS that permeates this place, I just hope when I get to my real-life unit things will get better. My platoon out of 56 lost 10 AWOLs, 10 to injuries, and will lose 3-4 more to other reasons and probably get disbanded within the next week. Life has seriously sucked for me here and the lack of discipline and consistency has been a perennial disappointment.

I just hope I can get stationed in Korea, or another serious hardship post now.

Everyone please take care ... will write at length in 6 weeks.

A hui hou
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