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Pressure Ring

Saands, the pressure ring on Bergers are on the base of the bullet. Its the first area to make contact with the case mouth on seating. The flat base bullet is .0008" The boatail is .0003" The VLD is .0004" Some more than others. I checked some 224 dia. match bullets made by Sierra & Hornady, no pressure ring. Never seen a pressure ring till i bought Bergers. If loading with bushing dies or Lee collet that gives only .001" neck tension it may be a problem, depending on the hardness of the brass. Standard dies that i have measured, size the neck down way more than needed. Then the expander opens the inside of the neck to the correct diameter. Expander diameters run any where from .0015 to .004" smaller than bullet diameters, giving lots of neck tension. I am no expert. Unclenick is, maybe we should ask him?
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