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I shoot a Modified choke for Trap singles ...from the 16 yd line - to the 20 yd line. My primary shell in a 12ga is 1 oz of 8's at 1225 fps...

Just a Note....but you stand 16 yds behind the Trap house ( at 16 yd singles ) and as you call for a target will fly about 20 - 25 yds before it starts to level off and call it 35 yds ....ideally you want to shoot it when its still under power and rising... and you select your choke - to give you a 30" pattern ( with no holes in it big enough for a clay to fly thru unscathed --- at the intended kill range ) ..and at 35 yds a Modified choke in most guns will give you a good dense 30" pattern. In general, you need 3 or 4 pellets of a load of 8's to break a Trap target at that range...( 1 oz loads have about 409 pellets of 8's in a shell ) can shoot 9's at 16 yds as well ....or 7 1/2's ...

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