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If your point of impact (POI) is higher than you like, simply replace the front sight with a taller front sight. Done. Simple. And, by the way, this is how I fix rifles that shoot too high when people bring them to the shop.

Next, you may ask "how much taller should the front sight be?" Excellent question. Just remember, the distance too high / distance from the front sight to the target = distance the front sight is too short / distance between the front and rear sight. Make sure your units of measurement are the same. So, for example, if your rifle is striking 6" high at 50 yds (600 inches), and the sight radius is 16"
6/600= .01
.01 X 16= .16"
So if your rifle shot is striking 6" high at 50 yds, you would buy a front sight that is .160" taller than the current sight. For practicality, I always center the rear sight before shooting for the measurement, or buy a slightly taller front sight than needed in order to give the shooter some adjustment room.
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