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Yesterday, March 10, I went to Livermore for their Rendezvous. Since this is strictly an open sights, patched round ball affair, I brought out a percussion rifle which I hadn't fired in a year (I've been playing with Civil War guns which shoot the minie ball). Turned in a OK score, considering how I missed some real easy targets and even knocked one target out so that other shooters couldn't shoot it anymore (it was a coiled snake on the spring, which, when struck is suppose to rock back and forth. The spring had crystallized and when my .433 caliber ball (40 grains FFF powder) hit it at 25 yards, the spring broke and the snake fell over. This made the other shooters happy as they were automatically given 2 points for a target they didn't have to shoot.

Missed with both the hawk & knife (hey, no where to practice in the big city), but that was to be expected. We went out with pistols next and not having fired them for about a year, was dismally bad. Had a lot of fun though and will probably have a rifleman's frock to wear for next year.
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