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A Jewish Mauser
Yes, really. If you research the history of Israel's defense forces, you will find that the Israelis were sold many German rifles immediately after WW2 when the British divided Palestine into the new nation of Israel and Trans-Jordan Palestine (now Jordan and Syria). The Jewish Homeland was populated with many European Jews expatriated by the Nazis and liberated by the Allied Forces, armed by the British and Americans. They were supplied with German K98k rifles and Czechoslovakian M98 variants. These are some of the best 98s available.

The concerns most commonly heard about 7.62 NATO-chambered Mausers are about the Spanish 1893/1916 rifles chambered for 7.62 NATO in the 1960s, whose strength is often suspect. Any M98 rifle should be able to withstand 7.62NATO/308 pressures without even a hiccup.
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