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I use #4 buck for my first two, only keep 2 in the tube but various other shells such as 00buck, slugs, and #1buck in a side saddle just in case but if im in my home and i need more than 2 #4buck, I may be in trouble anyways. I prefer #4 from various research ive done that shows it to be very effective at close range but without over penetration. If I lived alone 00 buck, I can always repair my home to stay safe. With family, absolutely not! Yes you should get your family behind you in a "safe" room but what if you dont have time or some other circumstance. #4 buck will be plenty and will struggle with large penatration, which is good, because please tell me if you were on your way to grab your daughter and there is an intruder, possibly armed in front of you, that you will imediately not shoot because your daughters room is right behind the BG. You will probably shoot. If you are using 00 buck, you better hope that all of it goes into the BG to slow it down. If anything misses, which at that range is more or less unlikely, it is going right through the wall into your daughters room. I am not taking that chance. But dont take mine or anyone elses word for it. Find out for yourself. Find statistics. Be absolutely sure and comfortable.
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