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The primers contain potassium chlorate. This deflagrates into potassium chloride, a salt. Being a salt, it is hygroscopic (attracts moisture).

What will remove table salt from a surface? Pure water, right?

Reckon Hoppes might remove it too?

Here's the thing: Lots of folks swear by soap and water. Problem being, soap is hygroscopic as well and a bunch of Dawn down the tube will rust it out surely as any salt.

When I shot corrosively-primed ammo, before I began to handload for this cartridge, I would make up some dishwater and dip ONE patch in it. I'd follow that by four or five tepid-water-soaked patches to make sure the soap was clear.

I'd then clean as normal.

I shoot out back. If you have to go to a range, just do this... and it's the same as I'd do now: Run a patch full of Hoppes or CLP or whatever down the barrel and let it soak on the drive home. The petroleum-based products won't let the metal oxidize even if it weren't cleaning it out!

Think about this: I shoot black powder. If I recall correctly, the residue is actually slightly corrosive, bonding with O2 and forming a weak acidic solution.

The best cleaning for those is just tepid, soapy water pumped through the barrel. Let dry and run some organic grease down the tube. (I use beeswax.)

A lot of folks get so uptight about a few salts that they don't stop to think about how this was handled back in the days of black powder and corrosive primers.

Usually they were just washed out in a convenient creek.


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