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Nosler manual # 6 (current) has same loads as PawPaw listed but they add couple more for the 115gr bullet.

53.5gr to 57.5gr/Retumbo

56.6gr to 60.5/Magnum

What really funny manual # 6 list most accurate @ 49gr/IMR-4350 @ 3095fps and start load 45gr/IMR-4350 @ 2877fps. Nolser manual # 1 only show data for the 115gr Partition and one of the loads starts at 45gr/IMR-4350 @ 2879fps and max 49gr/IMR-4350 @ 3097fps and most accurate load is 47gr/IMR-4350 @ 2983fps. Rifle in first manual they used Hart barrel 26" long with 1/10 twist and manual # 6 they used Wiseman barrel 24" long with 1/10 twist barrel.
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