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I have a single six with a magnum cylinder. To be frank I don't even know where the magnum cylinder is b/c i never use it. If I ever get around to trapping, which involves finding someone who knows how to trap to begin with, I may do use it to work a trap line. I really don't want a wrf. I want a Police Positive I can shoot a ton b/c I love the workmanship on my current gun.

Thank you for the three links. The Cabelas with some worn finish is more what I am looking for. I won't write what my plans for it are as some here might cry.

"This early model Target revolver does not have recessed chambers and should not be fired with high velocity .22 cartridges. To do so would risk cartridge head blowouts."
I don't shoot much high velocity, but I thought this was an interesting note.
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