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Israeli Mauser K98K 7.62/.308 worries

Hello all,

I am new and just jumping into this as a hobby recently. I recently purchased a Israeli Mauser K98K rebarreled for 7.62x51 NATO, and will be picking it up soon from my FFL.
Here are some pictures:

My concern is the difference between 7.62x51 NATO and .308 WIN. Almost everywhere I look for ammo, they have bundled the searches of 7.62x51 with .308 win, so that results all look like "7.62x51/.308 win" at places like I've done a few google searches, and the main arguments for differences seem to be the pressure differences and headspace differences between 7.62x51 nato and .308 win. I've browsed a few discussions, and I have come across these points as well:


In point A), there was a comment that seems to have some faith in that firing .308 WIN should be okay due to 8mm Mauser (which the gun and action were originally working with) being a more powerful round.

Point B) is what scares me. Will my rifle eventually be destined to come apart, even with the marked 7.62x51 nato ammo?

Point C) the detailed document FALPhil wrote says the pressure differences are negligible, which throws me back into the endless loop of questioning the differences again.

My main questions, I guess, are:
1) Is it safe to buy .308 win for my Israeli k98k 7.62 considering the above points?
2) If I have to buy 7.62x51 and not .308 win, where can I do so in larger quantities (200+ rounds) cheaply without reloading them myself?
3) Is my Israeli Mauser going to be okay with either round in the long run?

I just want to have fun and shoot, but safely of course.

Thanks guys!

ps. the best deal I found, if .308 is okay, is wondering if I can do better elsewhere
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