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Much maligned in the past

Three years ago M77's were regularly trashed on the various web-boards for very poor accuracy, ugliness and terrible triggers. Now things have turned around and they are generally favorably reviewed. I'm not sure why the tides changed but I think M77's are very good rifles, particularly for the money. If they are nothing else they are extremely rugged and reliable. My All-weather 30.06 is also accurate at MOA with 180 factory Core-lokts.

I also note many (used to) complain and would detail the vast sums spent at the gunsmithy to get the gun accurate (often unsuccessfully) but no one seemed to return the rifle to the factory. Ruger has excellent factory service for free. Even if they don't make it a 1/4" rifle you still don't loose anything by returning it other than the money expended to ship it.
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