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Warning on Outlaw State Expanding Subsonics for 300BLK

I just wanted to let people know that the 220 gr bullets from Outlaw State that are designed to expand at subsonic 300BLK velocities have a slight ridge at the base that is a 0.0003" to 0.0004" larger in diameter than the shank of the bullet. It seems as this isn't an issue with brass that is converted from 5.56x45 to 300BLK and not annealed, but if you use these bullets with new Remington 300BLK brass the bullets end up with almost no neck tension after the larger base gets inserted into the case. When I communicated this to Outlaw State, their response was essentially, "your brass has been annealed too much, they work fine when we test them in our converted 5.56 cases."

Converted 556 may have been the standard when that was all that was available, but it seems to me that now that the 300BLK has been recognized by SAAMI (and Remington), the new manufacture Remington brass I had is the more standard stuff (not converted 556). The fact of the matter is that the bullets have a ridge at the base, which I have never seen in any name brand bullet. And for $120 per bag of 100 bullets, I was less than impressed with their attitude.

Anyway, I just wanted y'all to know that if you want to use these projectiles for subsonic applications, you need to plan on using converted brass in these loads.

I haven't shot these for groups yet (or tested it on game), as I just got my brass converted. Hopefully they are worth the extra effort and cost to use.

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ps ... the defect on the bullets was also on the identically shaped (but non-expanding) practice bullets that they offer.
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