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While not as enthusiastically I did train my kids about guns and gun safety and then left any gun loaded I felt the need to...

My daughter was fully a teenager before she asked about shooting my .22 rifle for fun...

Sure I got right on the accuracy training and reinforcing the gun handling rules...

One day she asked if she could shoot a rabbit that was in the yard as she shot...

I told her we could feed it to a bulldog but go ahead if you feel the desire...

As soon as we fed it to the dog, I sat her down and told her my feelings on taking a human life to defend my own... If you can kill an innocent harmless critter that has done nothing to you... EVER... than what makes the life of a predatory human any more valuable in the greater scheme of things???

I am so happy, for her sense of mind and being, that she asked to kill a rabbit that day!!!

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