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Police Positive 22lr

I have a 38 S&W Police Positive I inherited but don't have any real use for. It hasn't been fired for three years. I am always sort of trying to figure out what to do with it and I think i have finally decided. I want to buy a 22LR Police Positive. I am quite certain I will shoot the bore out of a 22lr police positive(Yes, I know how many rounds that will take and accept your challenge). Here is the problem. There aren't many 22 calibers and most i find are marked 22 WRF in auctions. I can't see the roll marks, but I suspect NONE of them are actually 22lr, but all are in fact 22 WRF and the sellers just don't realize it(we have all seen lots of similar mistakes involving obscure chamberings on classified and auction sights). I am not sure I will shoot a 22 WRF more than a 22LR and although ammo is currently manufactured and not absurdly expensive, it is a lot more than 22LR. Almost up to 9mm prices. The question is, are there actually 22lr police positives, or are they mislabeled 22WRF?


I'm not saying the prices are good, especially on the WRF there, just to show auctions of the two calibers.
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