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Success! Thanks to each of you for helping. It's funny but it was very much like starting my 1970 Plymouth Duster on a cold morning. It seemed like I had to 'warm it up'. Once I got the powder igniting reliably it shot very well and went bang each time. I did take a couple of uncompressed 'blanks' to get it started this morning. but once that was done it fired each time it was loaded and the trigger pulled. After the blank loads, I moved on to compressed loads as Hawg suggested. I also rolled the rifle over before the charge was compressed like Pohill suggested. Maybe some powder entered the nipple and helped. I really don't know, but rolling the firearm over with that intent will be standard procedure for this rifle. Once a ball was added I found that it must be patched very tight or the result is somewhat disappointing. I am still learning. With a tightly patched .65 ball and 70 grains of Pyrodex the result is below.

Now before you rag me about the look on my face after firing it. I do have another video but it is about 5 minutes long and the shot is at the very end. I don't have my video editing software on any computer right now. So go easy on the look on my face. As far as that goofy look on my face, however goofy it is, it pretty much depicts how I felt.

Waxing nostalgic some things come to mind. Here I am, it's 2012. I have powder, patch and ball and I am doing what troopers did with this very gun starting 161 years ago and almost certainly an event that occurred countless times during the Civil War.

Here is the link:

This was fun.
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