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Ruling out?? Notta chance!

We have not ruled out Hunters Lodge! Even if we couldn't get some4 range time we would still like to go up and meet some of the others from the board. I think it has something to do with the saying of the more the merrier! We are even planing to check out Tuscos on th 25th. Have to see what all the wife enjoys. She has taken up this new hobby and wants to see all there is. As she says I may not be able to hit the bullseye everytime or even everyother time its still fun. Plus need to go to a few outdoor ranges so I can get an idea on how to set up out back to have a blast shooting. Maybe the city neighbors will want to move back out of the country? LOL So I'm sure you'll see us around. But I figured the next time we want to get a gathering going lets make the ranges compete for us! :-)
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