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Any scope can be put on a 22. The eye relief is not a issue. I have 2 - Ruger 10/22's. On one of them i have a 4-16 x50 scope. If your target shooting you want a high power scope. Your scope must do the 3 things another guy posted,but there is a 4th item it must do. If you are going to maybe swap it on a 308 also. It must track good. This is the main difference you will see in a cheap versus a costly scope. Hold over is fine out to maybe 300 to 400 yards. After that you have to know that X amount of clicks is going to get you were you need to be. The big difference will be on a cheap scope when you click up,It will go up and usually off to the side also. Clarity is not that big of a deal to me any how. I have looked down some $200.00 scopes and in reality the difference is not that big of a deal. The tracking will kill you for sure. I have a Mil Dot on my 223. I zero it for 200 yards and hold over works out to short of 400 yards.It is a cheap model,but i only shoot the 223 out to maybe 400 yards any how so tracking is not a big deal. My 308 i shoot out to 1000 yards, Tracking is (repeatable tracking) very very important there.

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