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In escape and evasion an offensive handgun makes a good hammer, you sure aren't going to shoot at any bad guys with it. A 22 automatic or a .22 revolver would be the best choice for a behind the lines ( or really anyplace ) survival gun. Not for offensive use, if they are coming at you with AK's, then it's Yes sir, No sir, 3 bags full. But if you manage to evade capture, they are still hunting you, the only game that you may see or have a chance at will be small, rabbits or other small mammals. a silenced .22 ( not really silenced but sound suppressed ) will give you a chance to harvest small game with out giving your location away. Way too many people , watching way too many movies think that in a escape and evasion mode, you want a large handgun ( if that's the only weapon you have ), on the contrary, a spear would be better than a .45., you want to survive and get home, not win the war for God and country all by your self. The only reason our Air Force pilots are issued a ..38 or 9MM. is to give them a warm fuzzy felling. They would be better off issuing suppressed Ruger MK 1's, JMHO and I have others.
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