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I've just confirmed the facts

A friend of a friend who has an MAS 49/56 in the same configuration, has just confirmed that, indeed, 7.62 x 51 milsurp ball is the same as .308 Win and this rifle had, in fact, been rebarreled to shoot it by Century Arms a number of years ago. Also, he confirms that early conversions were not done properly so there was an problem with jams primarily due to the case sticking in the breech. That, too, has been fixed and there are a number of after market options available, too.

So, I'm sorry if I've caused any confusion. I certanily do appreciate the concern, though. I realize that you can't take anything at face value and you must remind people that firearms are dangerous if misused or mishandled. That's why we have warnings on everything: to keep us vigilent to the protential threat. I never take anything for granted with my everyday firearms. It stands to reason, then, that I wouldn't ever shoot a "forign" rifle or pistol without two or three other inspections and confirmations. This is why I posted the question about the ammo, here. I've learned a lot and have lots areas to examine but it all comes with the territory.

I'll give you a range report just to confirm that I'm still here and eveything is cool. Thanks, everyone!

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