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RAE, sorry it took so long for me to get on to L&L forum to find out about Ohio gathering.

Isn't Medina the weekend of the 24th and not next weekend (17-18)? I'll be at OGCA next weekend, and maybe Medina the next (My bro-in-law is looking for a new Springfield 'Loaded' M-1A). We prefer the Akron show to Medina since the aisles are a little wider, even though the parking is a problem.... We were there (Akron) last weekend and, honestly, I can't believe the way people were parking! BTW, I was wearing my new TFL/Molon Labe shirt at the Akron show and only had one 'hit'. Where were the rest of you guys?

Now, about these shoots....
OK, let's see if I have everything down correctly....

Saturday, March 24th at Hunter's Lodge in Tallmage. Three lanes reserved, noon to 2pm. Possible overflow fourth lane.

Sunday March 25th at Tusco. Shooting is from 10-4 I have the direstions and other info from a previous post.

I don't know if I can make the Saturday shoot since I normally have to work on Saturdays...but maybe I can get a vacation day. We'll see.
Sunday might be possible for both me and the Bro-in-law since the wimmin-folk have a baby shower to go to that day. If he finds his new Springfield M-1A, I get his hand-me-down M-1A . I'd love to wring it out!

Even if I can't hook up with you guys that weekend, have fun!

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