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Sounds great. Don't count out the 24th though. You're more than welcome to come. There's always something we can work out to get everyone some range time. The reservations were set for 8 due to the timing, I needed a definate count to request the lanes. That doesn't preclude the possibility of a whole messa folks showing up. These things have a way of working out fine. If we get more people interested, we can always extend the times, but not the reservations or the prices. That's the main reason I posted the going rates and minimized the $1. knock off. The reserved lanes are from 2 to 4, but it's pretty much a crap shoot. I've seen times the range was deserted from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and I was the only one there. Tom(falconer) can vouche for Stoney (the guy he and I know that works there), there's nothing more he'd love than a bunch of Molson Lobsterists (Molon Labe) wandering around and BS'ing.

The ONLY thing that's going to be in short supply is the Shiner Bock! Somehow I gotta figure a way to divide 3,,maybe empty,,maybe full, bottles between the folks at Hunter's. LOL! 3 of em are going to Tusco the next day and I'm not, so SOMEONE ELSE get's the headache of deciding who goes home Shinered and who doesn't. One thing's certain though, falconer, the guy that's throwing this get together, can have the cardboard 6 pack case I know, small consolation Tom, but ya never know, someone may ask about it and you can explain the whole TFL thing to em.
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