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I am a fan of the Morgan pad, it will change your gun's fit, or can change your gun's fit. It will not change your POI or distribution. I like the curved butt as I get a more consistent mount.

Cabela's sells a comb raising kit by a company called either Bearclaw or Beartooth.

The comb raising kit is cheap and effective. It's a neoprene sleeve that fits tightly over your buttstock. The kit comes with a selection of closed cell foam pads of differing thickness's. The pad of course goes between the sleeve and the top of your comb. A thicker pad raises the POI a thinner one lowers it.

I used one of these on my CD Diamond 3 O/U for a year or so. It worked great. I removed it from the Daly when I started shooting my M12 for trap. I put a real adjustable comb on my M12.

The comb raising kit is great, esp. if your shotgun is an all around gun, you can remove it for the field, and put it back on for shooting clays, esp. trap.

No affiliation with the company etc, just a happy customer. It's hard to beat for the 20 or so dollars they charge for it.
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