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longer range shots

Just got back from the range . I was able to reach out a bit today. We had targets set at 100 , 200 , and 300 Yards . At 300 yds I had a sting of 3 1/2 " . Thats just over 1 MOA and im OK with that . Im not the best shooter and I beleave the gun can shoot better then 1 MOA at 300 yds. The gun out shoots me right now . Soon I hope to out shoot the gun .

Some say if I had better glass I would shoot better . Like I said Im using a tasco wold class 3-9x40 and I like it . I would love to put a $500 to $1,000 scope on it and see if I or the gun shoots any better .

Bottom line the gun is worth the money
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