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They all make good ammo but there are differences. It will take your own personal experience to decide which you ultimately like best. Unless you are a follow the crowd type guy nobody else can make the choice for you which is "best". As far as dies being all the same...laugh hard.

My preference is Lyman. They have the multi stage expander and provide two bullet seats...flat and round nose. Sure, FN & RN work in either seat but its nice having the correct seats. This make bullet insertion easier and lines up the bullet straight in the case for seating. In my experience the 32 caliber pistol rounds are less tedious with this type expander...not critical for quality ammo but it makes MY reloading easier. Hornady Stage II dies have the floating seater that lines up the bullet but their expander is a one stage like most others. The last set of Lymans I bought 3 weeks ago (Lyman in & Hornady out) has a one piece decaping pin instead of a seperate pin screwed/clamped into a shaft. The solid appears to be way stronger than others. Haven't used them yet so can't speak from experience with this decap.

There's a difference here but it depends on whether you appreciate the features or not. I happily pay the upcharge for Lymans (and others) compared to the cheapest dies. If reloading the cheapest way possible is your guidline, Lee is your only choice.

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