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I'll second what Cheapshooter said, fun little carbines with stiff recoil! The bolt design is very interesting, fun to confuse folks who think that a bolt design must always lift up. Moving the bolt feels stiff when inspecting, but at the range it just feels solid.

Without the slips, you have a single shot rifle. There still is the Bulgarian ammo floating around which is loose without clips typically. Find at least one box of the WWII ammo for the clips. The clips work better than some other clip designs such as the Mosin Nagant or even the Mauser charger. Slides right down into the mag and still holds the cartridges firmly. Pay attention and pick the clip back up once it falls out for reuse.

The M95 should be a requirement in more collections. Without this design, and the prototypes it spawned (see Branko's book on Yugo Mausers), you have to question if the leap to semi-autos like the SKS would have been possible. I feel that the function of the bolt in the M95 leads to the development of semi-autos, and while this design may have been an evolutionary dead end itself, the design spurred other innovations.
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