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What does a scope need to do?

I have a .22 pistol that I recently made a very basic shoulder stock for, so that I can plink a bit more accurately and further away when at the range, or my friend's field.

I'd ultimately like to replace that bored weekend tinkering project (the stock, not the pistol) with a proper .22 bolt action rifle.

Even further down the line, I'd like to get something in the .308 type bracket, too or the likes of that CZ858 I'd asked about a few weeks back.

So what sort of specs should I look for in a scope so that I could mount it on the reail of my MkIII512, but also serve on a 20" .22 rifle and still be competent for some medium distance (400yds) rifle work if I ever get that .308?

My primary needs would be the two .22 applications out to about from 25-150yds.

Please note I don't want model recommendations.
What members recommend would more than likely not be available where I live, or be very expensive.

I just want to know the sorts of characteristics to look for,so that I can apply those criteria to the choices on the shelf here or from any European mail-order companies...
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