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I could probably handle the SA, I just cant stand that beaver tail.

I had a P245 that was DAO (not DAK), and it was a shooter. I actually shot better with it than I did my P220's. I switched to SIG's when I got tired of dealing with the 1911's, and was never disappointed. This was especially the case with the P245. It always ran like a top and reliability never entered my mind, unlike the smaller 1911's Id owned, and for that matter, a number of the full sized guns.

I never really saw the point of the SA versions. I guess SIG was catering to the 1911 crowd prior to their own version of it. I never had any problems with the standard SIG DA triggers, and after getting that P245, would gladly have had them all switched over to DAO if it werent for the cost of doing so.
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