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Today I fired a Remington 700 in 30-06. The trigger pull was very heavy and harsh. Not smooth, short and crisp like my Vanguard. Accuracy of the 700 was also not as good. If I was the owner of the model 700 that I fired, I'd upgrade the trigger. The Vanguard Series 2 that I have doesn't need any improvment of the trigger at all. A buddy also shot the 700 and agrees. Maybe others have model 700's that work better, but this was what I saw at the range dialing in rifles with two other guys. Overall we fired Marlin levers in 45-70, bolt actions in 30-06, and a lever in 32 Winchester. My Vanguard hit a one inch dot at 200 yards, but the Remington 700 did not. It very well might with an improved trigger and a better scope. The 700 certainly has enough accuracy for deer hunting, and of course has a well established history with a great variety of aftermarket parts. My Vanguard just seemed to work better out of the box.
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