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That goes for having a handgun without a round already chambered and on safety - do you want to make all this noise in that moment of chambering a round?

Let me attempt this again in English! I always thought if you have a semi-auto handgun at home for home defense, that it would make sense for it to be loaded with safety on, so that if you're half asleep God forbid and have a second to think you don't have to chamber a round...and for a woman it takes a little more effort. I would not feel comfortable having a shotgun with just the safety on, because I'm not familiar with them. So I would, if the need ever arose, have to telegraph my whereabouts and hope I'm dealing with a dumb -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-. This is another reason I may go with an AR-15 (plus they're fun) but I'd love to hear any opinions at all either or the other. Thank you
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