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Of course if you have a really badass intruder with a semi rifle he now knows just which room to riddle with bullets. The last thing any intruder in my locale is ever going to hear is the very slight click of the safety going off. That's if I have the shotgun. If I have the revolver he won't hear anything before he feels it.

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I appreciate all of the insight and wisdom. I am curious about this comment because it makes a lot of sense to me. That goes for having a handgun without a round already chambered and on safety - do you want to make all this noise in that moment of chambering a round? I know least about shotguns, although I've fired a few, I was wondering about the AR-15 vs. the shotgun for home defense, aside from handgun. My brother loves shotguns and the sound of pumping it worked in his favor once scarring an intruder away at night. But I find the points above valid because it brings in another set of variables entirely. Do you want to be telegraphic? In martial arts it's like chambering a punch - pulling back, winding up, then moving forward. (What not to do.) The eye follows this obviously even for a fraction of a second, and (the receiver) is processing this information. So, with firearms, with intruders in the dark let's say (which is why some have a shotgun around) how important is revealing or not revealing - your coordinates by means of sound? If I'm not in law enforcement, I imagine the response to that would be, it depends how sophisticated the intruder.
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