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Places to shoot in South Florida and rules

Hello all.. I have a question on shooting in South Florida, specifically the Palm beach county, Boca Raton/Delray Beach area.

I have a Benelli Supernova that I'm just getting tired of firing on the range at a max distance of about what...100 ft? I'm dead on at that distance, and I'm looking for more of a challenge.

I've heard about Markham park, but it's very far for me to go pump 35-40 rounds through the gun.. It's tough to get all the way out there and it seems like I'd spend more travel time than actual shooting...

Does anyone know the specific rules for shooting in Florida, either on private land or out in the everglades?

I'd really like to find a place where I can just go out and shoot, and not burn money in range fees etc...Plus I haven't been able to shoot anything but slugs since I bought the gun...

Any feedback is much appreciated!
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