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Just a couple of quotes from the reply:

...if law-abiding adults desire to keep an unlocked firearm in their homes at night, they must sleep with it in a holster attached to their bodies.

The law requires Plaintiffs, under threat of criminal penalty, to choose between locking up their handguns through the night when they are at highest risk for attack, or sleep with their loaded guns strapped to their bodies. (Defs.’ Opp’n 10:2-7.) The “choice” is as false as it is absurd.
In light of Heller, I don't see how any Judge could honestly uphold this statute.

In the ammo ban, the plaintiff makes excellent use of Heller's "in common use" standard, as opposed to the defense trying to turn the claim to one of, "most commonly used."

You can bet that Evan Nappen (NJ2AS attorney) in New Jersey is paying attention to this one.
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