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Thanks Old marksman, I actually made the same point about the central nervous system in one of my posts as well. As badly as I've been wrong about this PLEASE do not give lighter weight to my statements on an what adrenaline and drugs do to a bad guys abilities and stamina. I've never seen a broken pelvis from a bullet. That would undoubtedly slow the attacker enough. A head shot stops but also kills (normally, seen a few that didn't even know it, scary). A spinal column shot is probably the most sure, the shock from the bullet shuts down the nerves, then normally the swelling kills them (the nerve cells). I'm not sure what else you could reliably hit to stop them. A femur (upper leg bone) perhaps? The rest of the nerves are too small of a target, the rest of the bones too small, the rest of the joints not important enough. If I'm limited to the chest, I promise you if he is in good enough shape to be conscious he is still capable of killing you. Adrenaline, the true wonder drug. Are there other targets/scenarios I'm missing?
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