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LC Brass

I still maintain that the website govliquidation is an entity of the government. I don't have a lot of puter experience and don't know a ".com" from a ".donald duck", but I have been buying government surplus for nearly 30 years. I remember in the 1980's, it was called PDO, for property disposal office, where u.s. property was gathered and sold at auction. I went to several at the Rock Island Arsenal. During the 1990's they changed the name to DRMO for defence reutilization material office, or something close. Same Building on the Rock Island Arsenal, some of the same people working there (civilians) Just different name. Now it's sold on the internet at Still in the same building number. If you bid on something at the website and are the winner, you have to pick up your stuff at a military installation, or government facility. Depending on the item, you may be required to fill out an EUC which is End Use Cert. asking what you will do with your buy. I just won an auction for a bunch of 50 cal ammo cans which I had to pick up at FT.McCoy WI. How is this NOT affiliated with the government?
The original poster wanted to know where to get LC brass. I have not seen anyone with better prices than Uncle Sam's Retail Sales, once again at the govliquidation site. In the past year, I have bought over 20 thousand rounds of brass from that site ALL of it Lake City...not one single round of anything else and the sale amount was 32 pounds in a USPS bulk boxs with 2500 pieces of 223 for $144.00 plus tax. They don't have the same size listed now but I assume they will again. I have seen a B-52 for auction there and an old aircraft carrier several years ago. Again I ask who but the government could hold such sales?
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