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I see the internet as being a valuable supplement, but not the lynchpin to the change.
I disagree.

The whole anti-gun movement was built upon a mountain of lies supported by hyperbole. When the lights started to come on in the mid 90s and people began to figure out they had been lied to for years there was no where for the anti-gun movement to go. As more and more people started to figure it out it grew more. The media machines were left reeling and viewed as untrustworthy and have never recovered. The internet is now the primary source of news for most people.

I honestly believe that boards like this one with rational, frank and honest discourse played a huge role in educating people who wanted to be educated. Do not down play your own role. Educating thousands and thousands has been a significant contribution. You will never know how many people may have read a few things here and gone on to set someone else straight. Don't expect any public awards or rewards either, sometimes satisfaction is the best reward.

I also believe that Charlton Heston played a huge role too. As a civil rights activist who maintained his convictions while the country changed around him his stance caught a lot of the left completely off guard. His class and grace convinced a lot of people that gun owners were not all crazy for wanting to keep their guns. He also took away the shame that the left had tried for years to imbue into gun owners with their crazy lies and assertions. His in your face activism made the anti movement quake and left their agents such as Michael Moore looking quite hapless.
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