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Gunloony wrote:
Got to agree with you on "Shane" and "Seven", I'm not familiar with the others you cite, but I do have a minor nit to pick on your description of the survivors above. The characters who lived through the final big shootout were played by Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, and Horst Bucholz (sp?). Bronson was one of the casualties.
But who's counting?
You're right Gunloony, my mistake. It was Yul Brenner, Steve McQueen and the young Mexican teenager who survived in "The Magnificent Seven". You know why I was thinking it was Bronson surviving instead of McQueen?
Because it's been awhile since I saw "The Magnificent Seven" but recently I saw "The Dirty Dozen" again, which is another suicide mission movie like "The Magnificent Seven" and Bronson was a survivor in that. I had the survivors of those two movies mixed up Lol.

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